This year my life was saved by a plant.

I’ve started this website to share with you the amazing story of the healing potential of plants, and what I have learned about their wisdom and intelligence. – Kelly

marijuana plantDear miraculous and sacred Plant,
You saved my life.  I now owe you everything.

They call you a weed, but only because of your tenacious strength and strong desire to live.

You are a survivor.  You have endured rape, abuse, persecution, lies, and misinformation.  You have not shriveled in sickness from the negativity projected towards you but instead held your honor. Controversy has not driven you away. You continue to thrive.

You have Universal Love and protection holding you strong for that day when you can finally move into your power and fulfill your destiny as a great healer by offering your precious sacred life as a sacrifice so many can live.

I see your sacrifice, magnificence, and beauty, dearest plant, I see your amazing potential…and I see you, seeing me, and responding back with an explosion of love and gratitude; glorified.

Gratitude sees itself.

My name is Kelly Noah Hauf.
My hope and intent is that everyone coming to my site will proceed with an open mind and compassionate heart.